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Janis and I just took a recent trip to Kings Island, Strickers Grove and Coney Island (OH).  It was our first time to Stricker's and Coney, and we had not been to Kings Island since 2000.  We were able to each get some new coaster credits including Kings Island's new inverted, Banshee.  We also were able to ride their version of the Stunt Coaster and the hyper coaster, Diamondback.  Stricker's has two wooden coasters that were built inhouse and Coney Island has a portable Galaxi.  Banshee is really great, however Busch Garden's Alpengeist is still the best inverted coaster as far as I am concerned.

Janis and Danny Biggerstaff

This is me, Danny Biggerstaff and my wife Janis.  We are standing in front of one of the worlds's best wooden roller coasters, the Voyage.  We are long time coaster enthusiasts.  I have been on 383 different roller coasters and Janis estimates she has been on about 348.  We "took the plunge" by getting married on Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Wiilliamsburg in October 2000.  

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