Pictured above are the Mid-Atlantic Coaster Club officers.  From left to right, Danny Biggerstaff, Steve Thompson and Greg Maxwell.  Danny is the web page manager, Greg is the assistant web page manager and Steve does everything else including membership and the newsletter.

MACC Benefits:

* You will get a MACC Membership Card


* You will get monthly updates and occasional newsletters called "The Front Seat"


*  Membership card may get you into some park sponsored events.  See park event flyers for details. (park registration and fee required)

    More MACC INFO:  


Click here to read MACC's Code of Conduct, find out about MACC's membership fees, to see a sample of "The Front Seat" newsletter and to see a calendar of events.

    MACC Address:


       7532 Murillo St.

  Springfield, VA 22151


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